Nervous Patient Programme

  • Overcome your dental phobia
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Get the treatment you need
  • Now we provide sedation to our patients.
    *Not available under the NHS


we put our patients’ comfort and confidence first. We understand that some of our patients may find the dentist a daunting experience, which is why we strive for empathy and understanding at all times. Dental phobia is extremely common, and many people sacrifice their dental health because of it, but our unhurried and expert care is sure to set you at ease.

Signalling system should be established allowing you to stop for any reason, whether it be because you need more anaesthesia, want to rinse, or simply need a break. The most common signal is raising your hand. You can listen to the Music to distract from the noise.

All of our appointments are calm, comfortable, and unhurried
With a modern yet friendly approach to the provision of dental care, our dentists make it absolutely comfortable for a nervous patient at the clinic to discuss their feelings and needs. We have a number of treatment options including sedation that help ease the nervousness and anxiety of patients during their dental visits and procedures.

We have a long standing reputation of caring for patients with dental anxiety. You will NOT be the most anxious patient we have treated, your teeth will NOT be the worst we have seen, and no matter how embarrassing things seem, we are not going to tell you off or judge you.
We are very proud to say that we have treated several number of nervous patients and now they say they are not scared of the dentist any more.

Dental phobia is a common problem not just with children but also amongst seniors.

One of our dentists is trained at energy healing. She is excellent at making patient calm for the treatment. Patients travel from London to see her.

Often the biggest step for patients is making that first contact and telling someone they have a problem. Being reassured that you are not alone, and are able to talk through things with someone who understands can be a huge relief.

We are always sympathetic and will give you the time you need to cope with any situation, we will explain what is wrong, what your options are and what its going to feel like, so you can make a decision about what is best for you and whether you will be able to cope. We will make sure you are numb and give you a good idea of exactly what’s going to happen next so you are not caught unaware,

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