Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures If you have loose dentures, your ability to eat and speak may become affected. Due to advances in dentistry, there is now a procedure whereby your denture can be fixed to your jaw with dental implants. This treatment, known as implant overdentures or denture stabilisation, offers patients with dentures a more permanent [...]

How Dental Implants work

How Dental Implants Work Health Benefits Of Dental Implants: In addition to their many aesthetic advantages, Dental implants allow for the replacement of one or multiple teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth. Additionally, implants can support a bridge and eliminate the need for removable partial dentures. Finally, dental implants can help preserve the integrity of [...]

Replacing teeth or Implant Bridge

Replacing Teeth or Implant Bridge The loss of a tooth could be caused from many different reasons; tooth decay, infection, gum disease, trauma, or removal of an impacted tooth. A single dental implant is the most functional secure replacement for a missing tooth, allowing you to eat, smile and laugh with confidence. BOOK NOW   [...]