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    Consent for a Denture

    Constructing a denture is a dental procedure a removable prosthesis is custom made for the mouth to replace one or more missing teeth. The intended benefits of the procedure include cosmetic and functional improvements for the mouth.

    As with all medical procedures there are risks and potential complications which you must be aware of before you can give your consent to proceed..

    Expected complications
    • Dentures are by definition a removable prosthesis and therefore do not work like natural teeth.

    • They must be removed for cleaning and kept out of the mouth at night.

    • Most people find that dentures can sometimes move or become dislodged.

    • Requirement for adjustments, relining or remaking of the denture in the future.

    Common risks and complications
    • Dentures may rub on the gums and cause ulcers.

    • Some dentures put additional stress on remaining teeth, fillings or crowns resulting in additional work being required in the future.

    • Dentures can be broken or lost resulting in inconvenience whilst they are sent away being repaired or remade.

    Rare risks and complications
    • Allergic reaction to something used during the procedure.

    Dentures are not successful 100% of the time even if all parts of the procedure go as planned. Some people struggle with dentures even if they are technically excellent and may then wish to replace the missing teeth in a different way.

    Alternative options
    • 1. Referral to a specialist in this field who may be able treat the tooth better via the use of a microscope and specialist equipment etc.

    • 2. Replacing the teeth in a different way such as a bridge or implant.

    • 3. Refusing treatment but this will result in the situation remaining as it is.

    By signing below I acknowledge that this procedure has been explained to me and I have had time to ask questions, consider my options and am happy to proceed. I am also aware that I have the right to seek a second opinion from another dentist at any time.


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